03 Jun

The Summit – Keeping too many options open may actually be hurting you

The Summit Issue # 11

Glen LarsonFor those of you that were able to attend our onsite training classes, thank you for your great input.  We had a great time working with you.

We covered topics ranging from basic trading from the charts, to highlighting desired conditions, to writing advanced Trade Sense entries and exits based on attendee’s requests.

We even covered which different types of indicators work in trending, non-trending, up and down markets the best.  When, or when not, to use them.

Here are some comments we heard:

“My brother and I salute you and your team for a great Genesis training seminar!  Genesis lives beyond your commitment to ensure greatest customer satisfaction.  Thanks for the excellent work!”

Wai C. – Harvard Statistics Professor

“A wealth of information!”

Dan S. – Hamilton

“All of the presenters were very good and with hands on support right there, it was great!”

Stan W. – Calgary

“You should have charged three times the price!”

Girish W. – London

No, we won’t be tripling the price, but based on the response of those that attended, we will be putting on another seminar.  We don’t have a final date yet, but it looks like it will be the middle of September.  For those on the waiting list, you will be given first shot at signing up.

As we get closer, look for a news blast and email.  You will need to act when you see it though.  We already have 16 people on the waiting list and we will keep it to 35 so we can address personal requests.

So Stay Tuned.


28 Apr

The Summit – Working hard or working long?

The Summit Issue # 10

Glen LarsonI know, I know – last month I mentioned in my newsletter that I would be discussing change, and how change is good and how I hate change.  In that spirit, I decided to change this month’s newsletter topic to “Working Hard or Working Long.”

This happened the other day when I was talking with Tom Demark.  I was discussing Steve Cohen, who you may know earned over a Billion dollars trading last year.  I was asking Tom if Steve works a lot of hours, does he work long?  “No,” Tom replied, “As a matter of fact, you probably work more hours than he does, Glen.”

So this got me thinking.  I work as hard as he does, and yet I don’t enjoy the same kind of success.  What was the difference?  But before I get into what that was – Working Hard or Working Long – I want to go over last month’s survey.

12 Mar

The Summit – How Dare You?

The Summit Issue # 8

Glen Larson[dcT[/dc]hat was one of the questions I got from last month’s newsletter talking about environments and how your bedroom could be affecting your trading.

How did I answer that e-mail?  I’ll tell you in a minute.

22 Jan

The Summit – Your bedroom and Trading?

The Summit Issue #7

Glen LarsonIn this month’s newsletter, I want to share some breakthrough ideas.  I have been mulling these ideas over since the holidays.

“Okay,” you maybe thinking, “but what does my bedroom have to do with my trading?”

It may surprise you. More on that in a moment, but first I’d like you to think back for a moment.

According to our research, you have probably attended a seminar at one point in your life. Great information was shared, great principles and techniques were learned. You left feeling like it was money well spent.

You returned home all fired up, ready to apply the new ideas and techniques in your life. You were ready and willing for the change.

The first few days, you were able to stay on track and implement the changes you were inspired to make at the seminar. Probably slightly uncomfortable, but you were committed.

As the weeks passed, these changes began to slowly fade away until you were right back where you were before the seminar.

Sound familiar?

Like most of us, you’ve slipped back to old habits, old methods and old behaviors.

Why is that?

Most of us believe, “Well, I just didn’t have enough will power, I guess.”

01 Dec

The Summit – What does it take to make a great trader?

The Summit Issue # 6
Glen Larson
I‘ve been thinking about this theme for quite a while now.  It seems to be the question on just about every trader’s mind.  With this thought in mind, I’ve decided to dedicate the next couple of newsletters to the success killing plagues many traders face.

This month’s success killing plague is known as “So many markets, so many opportunities, so little time.”
But first a little news concerning Exchange fees.

30 Oct

The Summit – The Perfect Indicator

The Summit Issue # 5

Is there a perfect indicator? Yep, this question comes up many times by email, phone and at seminars. Everyone always likes to ask, which indicator is the best?
That’s what I’d like to cover this month. Is there such a thing as a perfect indicator? And if so. what is it and how do I trade with it?

The answer may surprise you.


04 Aug

The Summit – What a month this was

The Summit Issue # 4Vinnce Lombardi’s quote, “quitters never win and winners never quit,” is bad advice. Winners quit all the time. They just quit the right stuff at the right time.

Glen Larson

Most people quit, they just don’t quit successfully. That’s what I want to go over with you this month.

I’ve seen many traders be successful and many traders quit before they become successful. What’s the difference? More on that in just a minute, but first…

Wow! A lot happened this last month here at Genesis. Getting out a new newsletter has taken a lot longer than I expected.

The exciting news for me was that my oldest son Brian got married! If you’re new to Genesis, you may have talked to him in the sales department.

Anyway, with family reunions, family weddings and summer vacations, the Summit just got away from me. I hope you forgive me and I promise to do better next month.


15 Jul

The Summit – Dating and Your Trading

The Summit Issue # 3

Glen LarsonI  was at a forex seminar a couple of weeks ago and noticed a pattern.

Imagine: After weeks of hard work, your account is finally live. You’ve officially been open for trading an entire week or month. And yet you haven’t made any profitable trades.

Not. One. Single. Trade.


Don’t despair — we’ve all been there before. In fact, It’s one of the most common problems people ask me to help solve for them.

The comments I’ve heard, and a good book by Brett Seenbarger, Enhancing Trader Performance, right before this seminar got me to thinking about what makes some traders profitable.

This month’s newsletter is a combination of ideas and experiences that I’ve had over the years and some additional insight from Brett’s book.