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27 Mar

Trading with the Tomato Technique

In my last blog I mentioned that I had two quotes on my desk and promised to share that second

02 Feb

The Great Improver???

When was the last time you looked at what you did and how you did it and asked if there

02 Feb

The Chance of a Lifetime – Seth Godin

Everyone now and then I run across an article that really gets me thinking.  Seth Godin posted a blog on

30 Dec

The Great Wall of China, A Christmas Carol, and trading.

Glen Larson President, Genesis – This month’s newsletter discusses the Great Wall of China, A Christmas Carol, and how

30 Dec

John Person – High Close Doji

Most traders live by the adage, “Buy Low & Sell high”; really great traders buy high and sell even higher.

16 Nov

What’s the Time? The why and When of Market Turns

Intro from “Master Class II-Timing Gold”: Many seasoned advisers scoff at the notion that market timing even exists, let alone

29 Sep

Perfection is the enemy of success

Perfection is the Enemy of Success. Newsletter Sept 2011 “Practice Makes Perfect” or Vince Lombardi’s supposed quote, “Practice does not make perfect,

29 Sep

Indicator in Focus: Trend Analysis Using the RSI

Indicator in Focus: Trend Analysis Using the RSI The ideal indicator would be one which offered the capability to identify and

30 Aug

A Half-Billionaire’s and a River Guide’s Trading Insights

This past week, I had the opportunity to be interacting with an eclectic mix of insightful and successful entrepreneurs. This

30 Aug

AB=CD Pattern – Keeping it Simple

Article by Leslie Jouflas & Larry Pesavento History of the AB=CD PatternFigure 1 In 1935 a book was published for