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11 Jul

The Horizon, Chinese Farmer and Your Happiness

This month I want to ask you, "What is the horizon?" Think about it, what is the horizon to you?

05 Jun

Batten Down the Hatches, Storm’s a Comin’!

You’ve more than likely heard the phrase, “Batten down the hatches, storm’s a comin’!” If you’ve watched the movie or

17 Apr

Richard Branson, Toby Keith, a Free Tibet Bumper Sticker … and Your Success

Driving to work yesterday, I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Free Tibet” on the back of a minivan. I

06 Mar

Wrestling, Michael Jordan, and Losing Trades

I recently attended a high school wrestling match to support a friend’s son. It brought back memories of when I

07 Jan

The Best and Worst Currencies of 2012

Time stops for no man so as we once again approach the Festive Season, it is time to review the

15 Nov

How Technique Without Intuition Is Like Dancing Without Music

This month I have a special anecdote I want to share with you and explain how it pertains to your

07 Aug

Homemade Root Beer and Trading

This month I was reminded of an experience I had making home made root beer and, how it can apply

22 Jun

Octopus, Square Oreos, Bruce Lee and Your Trading

I was very lucky this last Fathers’ Day weekend. I was able to spend some time kicking back, watching whatever

08 May

Successful Traders and Chinese Handcuffs

Before I can properly show you how you too can become one of the successful traders, I need to share

04 Apr

Joe Ross – Time Stops in Intraday Trading

TIME STOPS IN INTRADAY TRADING At my seminars and in private tutoring I teach my students the concept of using