30 Jun

S&P in a Cocked Hat

Very occasionally I am forced to read a newspaper. Usually it is something as mundane as the weather which is

07 Jan

The Best and Worst Currencies of 2012

Time stops for no man so as we once again approach the Festive Season, it is time to review the

23 Nov

TradeSense® Order Groups

TradeSense Order Groups allow you to submit an entire group of orders which can OCO, OTO both in and out

23 Nov

Bollinger Bands Indicators

An Introduction to the Bollinger Bands® Indicators John Bollinger, CFA, CMT Very shortly after the invention of Bollinger Bands it

08 May

Successful Traders and Chinese Handcuffs

Before I can properly show you how you too can become one of the successful traders, I need to share

08 May

Eight simple rules to avoid over-optimizing a trading strategy

 KeyPoint Market Analytics’ trading strategy seeks to uncover general market character.  Experience, along with a few simple guidelines helps us

04 Apr

Joe Ross – Time Stops in Intraday Trading

TIME STOPS IN INTRADAY TRADING At my seminars and in private tutoring I teach my students the concept of using

27 Mar

Trading with the Tomato Technique

In my last blog I mentioned that I had two quotes on my desk and promised to share that second

02 Feb

The Great Improver???

When was the last time you looked at what you did and how you did it and asked if there

02 Feb

The Chance of a Lifetime – Seth Godin

Everyone now and then I run across an article that really gets me thinking.  Seth Godin posted a blog on